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BluSub has been set up to support and help small businesses get on with the daily and ongoing administration of running and understanding where things are tracking.   The rationale behind establishing this service was purely to offer a cheaper more cost effective option to that of your normal accountant, full-time administrator or legal representation for services that you could normally cover yourself if you had the time or expertise.   It’s where we got to ourselves with our own contracting business after many years of using expensive alternatives and the nett result was a saving in thousands of dollars that went back into our pockets. We also became a lot more efficient.   Aside from that we also offer the practical operational assistances you can’t get from your accountant or lawyer.   We provide legally verified and current employment contracts for a wide range of industries, write and check contracts, provide machinery and manpower daily costs, handle recruitment and assist with rate negotiations and tender submissions.   As part of our Contractors collective we’ll also put you in touch with other contractors and small businesses that will help expand your networks for work opportunities, machinery hire and lease, job sharing, labour sharing and overall support.

Accounting Services

  • Invoicing and management of all debtors and creditors accounts

  • Payroll

  • Data entry

  • GST

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Bank reports

  • Monthly cashflow reporting

  • Budgeting and P&L forecasting for bank and finance requirements

  • General secretarial typing and HR generalist

  • End of year financial preparation and draft accounts

  • Employment contracts and business planning

A very cost competitive accounting and book keeping service to take the stress out of managing your business.   We are Xero certified and also offer server based programmes to meet your needs and requirements.   We are mobile and fully transparent.

Xero and MYOB Certified Consultant

Operational Services

  • New written contracts and related documents

  • Employment contracts

  • Proposals and Tender submissions

  • Rate Negotiation

  • Daily Costings

  • Machinery hire and lease

  • Labour recruitment

  • Core culture

  • Health & Safety solutions via Linksafe

Our aim at BluSub is to provide high quality, timely accurate support and take the day-to-day stress out of managing your business.   We provide the tools and time necessary to plan ahead and stay on track without feeling isolated, burdened or alone.   We are mobile, fully transparent and operate under a strict code of confidentiality.  We are Xero and MYOB certified and also offer server based programmes to meet your needs over the longer term if need be.   BluSub can be called on at anytime to act on your behalf as little or as much as you need to help you meet both the financial and operational demands of your business.   We cover clients Nationwide.

The BluSub Name

The story behind the BluSub name doesn’t actually involve a submarine, accounting or business support but instead, a car.  A blue Subaru Outback.  The car was purchased new by Ribbonwood back in 2003 and we have been trying to destroy it ever since.  Still, the car refuses to die and despite our best attempts to inflict a daily regime of punishment to it, on and off the highway, it continues to endure and march towards 600,000 kilometres.

You could say the old Outback has become a Legacy.  It has provided the foundation we use each day to drive our operations forward and travel in any other direction it chooses to follow.  We liken it to our specialist accounting and business support subsidary, an ultra-reliable base footing to underpin your business whatever it may be.  Forestry, farming, construction, manufacturing, retail and commercial trades, BluSub provides a cost effective, friendly service to allow you time to work and grow without all the administration and operational burdens that normally weigh you down.


Accounting & Administration: $75/hr +GST + 77c/km.

Operational Specialty work: $100/hr +GST + 77c/km.

Fixed Amount Packages on annual term work.

Contact Donna Te Wheoro (NZDipBus, DipAcc)

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BluSub, 63 Aerodrome Road, Mount Maunganui
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Pete: 09 925 0925 | 027 242 6378
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